Points that sometimes puzzle the hostess:

Should the hostess sugar and cream tea, or should she leave her guests to do this?

 Whichever way she pleases.  Sometimes when there are a good many guests it is more convenient to pass the sugar basin and milk jug to each person.

 When should you serve supper at a whist or bridge party?

 It is usual to have a break about half-way through the evening.  Sometimes the hostess provides a ‘sit down’ meal, but a buffet in another room is quite popular too.

 When should you send an invitation to a dinner or supper party?

 Invitations should be written or ‘phoned about a week before, and the hour stated should be about twenty minutes before the meal will actually be served.

 Are place cards necessary at a party?

 Though not necessary, it is a good idea to have them.  There is nothing more embarrassing for guests than having to stand about wondering where they should sit.

How should cutlery be laid, and glasses placed?

Meat fork and knife placed at inside.  Outside this fish fork and knife; at right outside put soup spoon and desert fork and spoon are put across top.  Small knife, if required, is laid before meat knife.  If it is a very special dinner party and wines are being served, glasses are grouped on the right of each place.  Port and claret glass are set together, and then a tumbler is placed on the outside of these.  Do not set down liqueur glasses, as these are handed filled, when required.

Which side do you serve food from?

 Food is served from left, drinks from right.

 When asparagus is served, should a knife and fork be provided?

If it is being served as a separate course by itself with liquefied butter, it is eaten with the fingers, or with small asparagus tongs.  When served as an accompaniment to meat, game or poultry, it is eaten with a fork and knife.

 The Good Housekeeper’s Book (presented with Woman’s Way magazine, date unknown).

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